Anna Zschuppe: Ceo & Founder of Summer Soulstice

After going through an immense inner healing and self-discovery journey, Anna quit her six-figure, Fortune 500 job in corporate America as an HR consultant at age 26 to start her own coaching business. She works as a stress/burnout and certified career transitions coach to help faith-based believers feeling stuck, disconnected and stressed in their lives/careers discover their unique purpose, remove self-limiting beliefs, and build healthy habits/routines while keeping Christ as the focal point.

Anna has served college students and executives alike for 5+ years in the career and HR consulting spaces, and she now helps equip faith-based organizations and ministries with personal development resources and health/wellness retreats. Anna has been featured in Brainz magazine and has given 30+ keynote speeches focusing on mental health, physical wellness, spirituality, and small businesses.

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